Active Learning – Webinar


Photo of a child, playing with a teapot


“Since I am unable to come to the room, the room must come to me”

On January 12th, 2023, from 04:00pm to 05:00pm CET, ENVITER had its first webinar of the year, this time about Active Learning.

Active Learning is an intervention for children and grown-ups who are – due to their impairments -, not able to explore their environment with their hands, feet, or body. They learn to be a passive rather than active participant, waiting for adults to provide activity rather than seeking it out on their own. We see this kind of behaviour mostly by young children with severe visual impairments, and by people with PIMD (profound intellectual and multiple disabilities) and visual impairments.

Active Learning emphasizes creating a developmentally appropriate and enriched environment so that children and adults with multiple special needs become active learners.

This webinar provided more information and examples about Active Learning and how this intervention challenges persons to make physical contact with materials and objects in their nearby space.

The webinar was developed by Martien Rienstra, from our Royal Dutch Visio member. You can have a look at her presentation using this link.