Start and end date: 10/01/2006 to 09/30/2008
Funding frame: EU: LEONARDO DA VINCI
Duration: 24 months


E-Learning coach for visually impaired people

Aims of the project

The general aim of the project is to improve the access for visually impaired people to E-Learning services. To achieve this aim, it is intended to develop a network for e-tutors which will pay special attention to the needs of learners with visual impairments. The key-product will be a blended learning course for E-Learning coaches and an optional final online- examination, which will be carried out by the Royal National College for the blind in Hereford, UK. The general idea of this project is to establish a virtual network, where E-Learning coaches will find the opportunity to exhange experiences and accessible learning materials. Therefore the following products will be developed during the project:

  1. A blended-learning course with a volume of about 100 hours as well as a final examination and certification 
  2. Accessible virtual learning environment
  3. SCORM compatible WBT/CBT and tutorials with explanatory texts and graphical elements, questions and test features
  4. A multimedia CD with all WBT/CBT and learning materials.