ENVITER General Meeting & Conference 2019


This year, ENVITER General Meeting took us to the beautiful city of Zagreb, Croatia.

During 3 working days, 38 participants from 11 different European countries (Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, The Netherlands), representing 80% of our members, had time and opportunity to discuss about different aspects of our Network activities and to remind us all why we are here: to network, exchange knowledge, good practices and to look for opportunities to disseminate, research and training.

With a Conference day dedicate to the theme “Transformations and innovations in our organisations -The Times They Are a-Changin’”, we had, to an audience of 68 participants, 11 presentations and 2 workshops, provided by different organisations and professionals from diverse countries, according to the program below.


  • Educating future professionals: necessity of knowledge, expertise and experience exchange – Sonja Alimovic, University of Zagreb, Department for visual impairments, Faculty of education and rehabilitation sciences, Croatia
  • Self-determination of clients and teams – Lia Van der Ham, Robert Coppes Foundation, The Netherlands
  • A project of research on CVI – Philippe Belseur and Catherine Thibault, VYV Care-Monteclair, France
  • Learning or visual functioning problems among children in regular schools, Andrea Paulik, Mali Dom, Croatia
  • Visual art and visual impairment – Tanja Parlov, Centre Vinko Bek, Croatia
  • Home Care Premium – Elena Weber, Rittmeyer Institute, Italy
  • Stepped Care Model – Ruben Koman, VISIO, The Netherlands
  • Support for children with visual impairment in the Republic of Croatia: some examples for thinking – Anita Lukic, Centre Vinko Bek, Croatia
  • Assistance dogs and their role in regard to blind and visually impaired children – Minja Orlić, Rehabilitation Centre Silver, Croatia
  • Who has to change? – Agnes Somorjai, Budapest School for the Blind, Hungary
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation and working methods at the adult department – Ana Petrinec and Emina Sisic-Andelic, Centre Vinko Bek, Croatia


  • Feelif – Rebeka Žerovnik, Feelif, Slovenia
  • Social-media workshop – Ruben Koman, VISIO, The Netherlands