ENVITER in IMC 2023 – Poland

Photo of our representative during the IMC 2023

The 18th International Mobility Conference (IMC18) was held in Warsaw, Poland, from 22 to 26 May 2023. The prestigious IMC18 was organized by the Chance for the Blind Foundation together with Polish universities and other organizations working on behalf of blind and visually impaired people.

The International Mobility Conference takes place approximately every two to three years and is held in different countries around the world. It is attended by both academic professionals and practitioners in the broadly defined field of rehabilitation of the blind.

The theme of IMC18 was “Information, resulting in mobility and ability”.

In 2022 September, based on our discussion in Trieste, if Enviter can do something to assist European countries with a severe lack of O&M instructors, a small group started working on the topic. The group created a short questionnaire about the O&M situation in each member country.

The Scientific Program Committee gave us the chance to lead a workshop during the conference, where we could share the results of the questionnaire plus started a professional dialogue about the possible solutions in the near future. You can access the correspondent presentation here.