Enviter launches European Academy on Sensory Impairments (EASI)


Twenty member organisations from 16 countries gathered for the General Meeting and Conference of Enviter in September 2016. Enviter launched the European Academy on Sensory Impairments (EASI) in Plovidv, Bulgaria.

  • Phsychophysical aspects of low vision-training
  • The French program of labour for visual impaired people
  • A project on the combination of visual and physical impairments of adults and the elderly

Turkish guests gave a presentation about a project for visual impaired children. These children will be educated to become My Dream Companions.

Enviter members discussed about e.g. CVI International, Educare (an exchange programme) and I-Express (innovative assistive technology for multi disabled and visual impaired (MDVI)). The European Union is funding these projects.

EASI was launched at the meeting. The networks Enviter, Hipen and Francophone work together within the European Network for Sensory Impaired Solutions (EUNESIS), the ‘network of networks’. EUNESIS created EASI, with online e-learnings like:

  • International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) (6 languages)
  • Shared Space (EN)
  • Visual Functioning Level A (EN)
  • Anatomy of the visual system (EN)
  • Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Visual Functioning Level B (EN)