Enviter meeting in Lisbon 2015


The Enviter General Meeting and conference took place in Lisbon, November 2015. More than twenty members were invited by the Portuguese member Convida.

Many workshops and presentations were given by different members and partners of Enviter, including the following presentations:

  • Innovative Management / Dorthe-Marie Degn.
  • Networking as a way of being included / Valentina Di Luzio; Donatella Rudez; Elena Weber.
  • Network Convida / Aquilino Rodrigues.
  • Touchscreen Accessibility: From Tablets To Smartwatches / Tiago Guerreiro; Hugo Nicolau
  • European Intellectual Platform for Professionals in the Field of Typhlology: a Challenge and a Proposal / Augusto Deodato Guerreiro.
  • More Than Meets the Eye: Trends 4 Visual Impairment for 2020 and Beyond (see the presentation on prezi (link is external) / Ruben Koman
  • Teach CVI/ Elfa Hermannsdottir; Roxana Cziker
  • The Project VOS: See, Hear and Sense/ Patrícia Santos; Sandra Barbosa
  • Training MDVI: Good Practices in SWW Munich/ Birgit Ernst, Helena Geith