Help Develop ICF Core Set for Vision Loss


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We can contribute!
The University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Ghent (Belgium) are collaborating in the development of a tool to map the functioning of people with visual loss. They are conducting a worldwide research that can make a big difference in the near future for blind and visually impaired people around the globe.
And they need our help!
Their online survey is part of a broader research into the development of an International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) core set for people with vision loss. A core set tries to map the factors that influence the quality of life and describe what is relevant for functioning.
Blind and visually impaired people experience problems in different areas of daily life. In particular, they face a reduction in activities associated with participation in society, religion, mobility, recreation and visual tasks. How a person experiences vision loss varies depending on personal and environmental factors and will be interpreted differently for everyone. It will negatively affect the degree of independence, the ability to participate in daily life and the quality of life. In addition, this target group has an increased risk of social isolation, depression and falls.
That is why they would like to receive input from persons with vision loss as well as from professionals, so they have two different online questionnaires:
– Persons with vision loss can participate by clicking on this link:
– And professionals by using this link:
The entered data will be processed anonymously and can never be linked to you as person.