Better Web Browsing: Tips for Customizing Your Computer

This document is intended for people who have a disability that make web browsing difficult. It provides references to resources, including detailed documentation and step-by-step guides, to help you customize your particular web browser and computer setup.


• Introduction

• Optimize Your Computer Setup

• Difficulty Seeing and Reading Websites?

o Enlarging Text and Images

o Changing Colors and Fonts

o Listening Rather than Reading

• Difficulty Hearing Audio on Websites?

o Adjusting the Volume

o Captions and Transcripts

o Sign Language Videos

• Difficulty Typing and Using Your Keyboard?

o Browsing the Web by Keyboard

o Customizing Keyboard Functions

o Using Your Mouse Instead

o Using Alternate Keyboards

o Using Voice Commands

o Grammar, Spelling, and Other Tools

• Difficulty Using the Mouse?

o Adjusting the Mouse Settings

o Customizing the Mouse-Pointer

o Using Your Keyboard Instead

o Using an Alternate Mouse

• Difficulty Understanding and Navigating Websites?

o Reading Assistance

o Pop-Up Window Blockers

o Symbols Instead of Text

o Sign Language Avatars

• Terminology

Date: 05/24/2010
Author: Shadi Abou-Zahra
Organization: W3C
Only for Members: No
Content type: Good practises
Tags: technology, deaf people, disabilities, aids, blindness, hearing impaired, visual, best practices, low vision, visually impaired, reading, hearing loss
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