Effects and feasibility of a standardised orientation and mobility training in using an identification cane for older adults with low vision

Orientation and mobility training in using an identification cane is provided to people with low vision to facilitate independent participation in the community. This paper presents the design of a randomised controlled trial aimed to evaluate this standardised training in using the identification cane in older adults with low vision.

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In: BMC Health Services Research, 2009, pp. 9:153

Date: 08/27/2009
Author: Zijlstra, G.A.R., van Rens, G.H.M.B., Scherder, E.J.A., Brouwer, D.M., van der Velde, J., Verstraten, P.F.J. & Kempen, G.I.J.M.
Organization: BMC Health Services Research; Royal Dutch Visio
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Content type: Scientific publications
Tags: adults, mobility, low vision
Categories: Aids & Appliances, Skills, Mobility, Sensory