Elderly Deaf People (A Research Report)

We have particular concerns for elderly Deaf people. Although the Deaf Community is a powerful support system for Deaf people throughout their lives, it is a small community and one which requires participation. 

As people become older and less mobile, it becomes much more difficult to reach the Deaf Club on a regular basis and there may be no organised transport which can be used. One solution is to bring elderly Deaf people together in homes, such as Eventide Homes in Glasgow, but the arguments of leaving one’s familiar environment are just as strong for Deaf people even when they have the prospect of meeting and living with other Deaf people. However, we are concerned that the family and neighbourhood ties might be much less for those older Deaf people and that declining health brings with it inordinate strains in access to health care. The study which is described below is the first stage of a larger programme which we intend to undertake.


  • Aim
  • The Participants
  • Families
  • Communication with their children, grandchildren and neighbours
  • Neighbours
  • Shopping
  • Contact with Friends
  • Health
  • In Summary
  • Elderly and Deaf in a Care Home: extended interview

Date: 03/03/1997
Author: Gloria Pullen and Jim Kyle
Organization: Deaf Studies Trust
Reference: http://www.deafstudiestrust.org/research_archives_elderly.php
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Content type: Presentation
Tags: deaf people, hearing impaired, quality of life, senior generation, wellbeing