Ensuring a society of all ages from policy declaration to action promoting: The implementation of the outcome of the UNECE ministerial conference on ageing, Vienna 2012

The purpose of this brochure is to illustrate, through the presentation of existing good practice and more general considerations for policy making, how commitments of the 2012 Vienna Ministerial Declaration relate to various societal situations and can be successfully implemented in terms of concrete policies and actions. The examples and Proposals have all been selected from contributions to the Vienna conference.

  • 01. Introduction 3
    • I. Longer working life and ability to work 8
    • II. Participation, non-discrimination and social inclusion of older persons 11
    • III. Dignity, health and independence in older age 15
    • IV. Intergenerational solidarity 20
    • The NGO Political Declaration
    • The Vienna Research Forum Statement

Date: 09/19/2012
Author: Dirk Jarré
Organization: European Commission
Reference: http://eurageurope.org/?p=503
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Content type: Good practises
Tags: social participation, disabilities, physical health, quality of life, quality improvement, generations, best practices, daily living skills, wellbeing, senior generation, participation, conferences
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