FAQ about web accessibility

This document contains guidance on accessibility in the form of Frequently Asked Questions regarding practical aspects of web content creation.

Each question provides comments and clarifications about typical accessibility issue that webmasters and internet editors face in their daily work.

Table of contents

  1. What Tools can I use to evaluate accessibility?
  2. What are the most useful manual checks?
  3. Should pages look the same in all browsers?
  4. Which browsers should I design for?
  5. How can I optimise my pages for use on mobile devices?
  6. What is Assistive Technology (AT)?
  7. What is a screen reader?
  8. What is a screen magnifier?
  9. How does voice recognition software work?
  10. What other assistive technology do people use?
  11. Why do web pages have to be keyboard accessible?
  12. What is a text equivalent? How do I add it to an image?
  13. Do all images need a text equivalent?
  14. Is the text equivalent always a description of the image?
  15. What is a CAPTCHA? How do I make it accessible?
  16. What other content requires a text equivalent?
  17. What are captions?
  18. What is audio description?
  19. When should I provide captioning?
  20. Can I use tables for layout?
  21. How can I tell if contrast is sufficient?
  22. What does “increase text size” mean?
  23. What is the problem with flickering?
  24. What is the problem with moving and blinking content?
  25. What does “keyboard accessible” mean?
  26. What is a keyboard trap?
  27. What does logical tab order mean?
  28. What is consistent navigation?
  29. What are embedded objects? How do I make them accessible?
  30. What is unobtrusive JavaScript?
  31. What is AJAX? How do I make it accessible?
  32. What does it mean that a technology has support for accessibility?
  33. What current technologies have accessibility support?
  34. How do I make accessible PDF documents?
  35. How should I warn the user when there are links to PDF documents?
  36. What can I do if my website has many inaccessible PDF documents?
  37. How can I create accessible Flash content?
  38. What is the correct method to embed an object into a webpage?

Date: 03/28/2014
Author: European Commission
Organization: European Commission
Reference: http://ec.europa.eu/ipg/standards/accessibility/faq/index_en.htm#faq_1
Only for Members: No
Content type: Good practises
Tags: technology, deaf people, disabilities, aids, blindness, hearing impaired, sensory disabilities, best practices, daily living skills, low vision, visually impaired, reading, senior generation, participation, hearing loss
Categories: Aids & Appliances