Frequently Asked Questions About Cochlear Implants

Frequently Asked Questions About Cochlear ImplantsIn this webpage of the British Cochlear Implant Group (BCIG), you can find 39 frequently asked questions people might ask themselves about cochlear implants. 


Q1. What Is A Cochlear Implant?
Q2. According To My Doctor, I Suffer From Nerve Deafness. Does This Mean That The Hearing Or Auditory Nerve Is Destroyed?
Q3. In Other Words, Damage Or Destruction Of The Hair Cells In The Cochlea Can Result In Total Deafness, But The Auditory Nerve Can Still Be Fully Intact?
Q4. How Can The Cochlear Implant Help?
Q5. How Many Parts Are There To A Cochlear Implant System?
A5. A cochlear implant consists of two main components:
Q6. What Does The Internal Component Consist Of?
Q7. What Is The Purpose Of The External Component Of The Cochlear Implant?
Q8. How Large Is The Speech Processor?
A8. Behind The Ear (BTE) – the size of a high powered Hearing Aid
Q9. Where Is The External Coil Situated?
Q10. How Can The External Coil Be Correctly Positioned?
Q11. Can The Speech Processor Be Removed At Night?
Q12. Will An Implant Be A Hindrance In Activities Like Football, Swimming And Tennis, For Example?
Q13. Is It Possible That The Speech Processor May Need Repairing?
Q14. Where Are These Repairs Carried Out?
Q15. Does The User Have To Pay For The Repairs?
Q16. Is Hearing Absolutely Normal With A Cochlear Implant?
Q17. How Long Does It Take Before The User Derives The Maximum Benefit From A Cochlear Implant?
Q18. What Acoustic Signals Can Be Perceived With A Cochlear Implant?
Q19. Are Users Able To Understand What Is Being Said Without Looking At The Speaker?
Q20. Does The Cochlear Implant Facilitate Lip-Reading?
Q21. I Am Told Sometimes That My Voice Is Either Too Loud Or Too Quiet In Certain Situations. Does The Cochlear Implant Help In Controlling The Loudness Of One's Own Voice?
Q22. Are Users Able To Make A Telephone Call?
Q23. Does The Cochlear Implant Help In Watching Tv Or In Listening To The Radio?
Q24. Can A User Listen To Music?
Q25. Are There Any Unpleasant Sounds?
Q26. Does The Cochlear Implant Influence Tinnitus?
Q27. What Basic Risks Are Involved In Cochlear Implantation?
Q28. Since When Have Cochlear Implants Been In Use?
Q29. Do Those Who Have An Implant System Use It?
Q30. What Can Children receiving a Cochlear Implant be expected to Achieve?
Q31. Are There Different Types Of Cochlear Implant?
Q32. Is There A Difference Between The Results Of Implantation In Adults And Children?
Q33. How Can I Help My Child To Use The Cochlear Implant Profitably?
Q34. What Other Requirements Have To Be Fulfilled Prior To An Implantation?
Q35. Can The Patient Hear Immediately After The Operation?
Q36. Why Is It Necessary To Wait 3 To 6 Weeks After The Operation Before Beginning The Training?
Q37. What Happens During The Basic Program?
A37. The basic program consists of 3 phases:
Q38. How Important Is The Active Cooperation Of The Patient?
Q39. Is It Beneficial If Someone Who Is Close To The Patient Takes Part In The Training Program?

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