“Go unto the Ant (and the Spider) and be Wise”. The Importance of Networking.

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Ove Vedel Anderson. Educational Consultant, Nordic Centre for Welfare & Social Issues. 

Presentation at the 3rd International SensAge Conference, 23 June 2014: Promoting Active Participation By Ageing People with Sensory Disabilities.

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Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues is an umbrella organization with responsibility for 5 main areas: Welfare policy, Alcohol and drug research, Welfare technology, Work inclusion and Disability. The field of deafblindness has its own focus and is organized as a part of the Disability group. Until a few years ago the place was known as “The Nordic Staff Training Centre (for the Education of Staff Working with and for Persons with Deafblindness)” - NUD, which is an acronym representing Nordic words. Now the way to express it is: NVC-DK or NWC-DK depending on how international you are. 

Regardless of what it has been called during its 30 years of existence, from the beginning the focus has been on the education of staff working with persons with congenital deafblindness and later on also expanded to the field of acquired deafblindness. 

The educational models on which the activities have taken place are quite varied, but one very important strategy for developing new research, knowledge and support is the magic of networking. In this presentation you will learn about aspects of networking such as the experience with and the importance of working in cooperation with others, different types of networks with different goals, the blessings and pitfalls of networking, procedures for becoming a network, supporting and administrating networks, and examples of existing networks. 

Date: 06/23/2014
Author: Anderson, Ove Vedel
Organization: Nordic Centre for Welfare & Social Issues.
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Content type: Presentation
Tags: conferences, deafblindness, education, networking
Categories: Skills, Communication, Overall support