Guide for Civil Dialogue on Promoting Older People’s Social Inclusion

1 December 2014

The intention of the Guide is to present some good practice examples of civil dialogue on ageing issues including those that promote social inclusion in old age. The Guide also makes some proposals on how best to implement and participate in the civil dialogue process across all national 

policy-making levels: from governmental level down through to regional and local level strategies and initiatives which aim to improve the daily lives of older people.

Table of content
1 Foreword
2 Context
2 Definition of Civil Dialogue
2 I. Good practices of civil dialogue with regard to ageing
3 Civil dialogue involving older people and their organisations
7 Civil dialogue to promote social inclusion in old age
8 Other initiatives for civil dialogue promoted by third sector organisations
9 General legal provisions to support civil society and civil dialogue
10 Civil dialogue across all levels of governance
12 II. Involvement of older people’s organisations in civil dialogue
12 What are the benefits of participation in civil dialogue?
13 What are the barriers and challenges to getting involved?
15 What are the factors for successful involvement?
16 III. Recommendations to strengthen civil dialogue
17 Tasks for older people’s organisations
19 Tasks for public authorities
20 Conclusions

Date: 12/01/2014
Author: AGE Platform Europe
Organization: AGE Platform Europe
Only for Members: No
Content type: Good practises
Tags: adults, senior generation, social participation, social support, participation
Categories: Overall support