Léna, an open-innovation ecosystem

Presentation at the 3rd International SensAge Conference, 23 June 2014: Promoting Active Participation By Ageing People with Sensory Disabilities.

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Léna – « Logement évolutif pour une nouvelle autonomie » - is a research concept. A user-centred, open-
innovation ecosystem, operating in a territorial context, the “Region of Pays de la Loire” and integrating concurrent research and innovation processes. 

Promoted by the CENTICH of MFAM, the concept is based on a systematic user co-creation approach integrating research and innovation processes. This action carried out by CENTICH are conducted within the framework of the three EIP AHA pillars as a Reference Sites' in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. 

CENTICH is an Information and Communication Technologies National Center of Expertise for Autonomy. It is managed by la Mutualité Française Anjou Mayenne which is part of la Fédération Nationale de la
Mutualité Française. 75000 households are to be found within its territory. 

CENTICH brings together research labs, manufacturers, SMEs as well as user associations in order to accelerate the development and the use of ICT to increase independence among elderly people and people with disabilities. 

The LENA apartment is an upgradable, adaptable and clever housing incorporating the communication and information technologies dedicated to autonomy and designed within a broader housing complex for older people. It welcomes manufacturers and users in order to: 

Integrate, test, assess and develop the interoperability of the technologies dedicated to autonomy and health designed for industrial and research purposes; 

Welcome, inform and advice the user to help him be autonomous in his daily life and housing for a better
integration, innovation and dissemination of an adapted technology; 

Provide training about an adapted, upgradable and intergenerational housing and develop the use of these technologies dedicated to autonomy and health. 

This « living lab » brings together 40 manufacturers, real estate developers, research labs and the University Hospital Center in order to, particularly; plan hospitalization exits and ‘in home’ stays of the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. 

The Lena service offering consists in a public and general service aimed at providing information and advice to the elderly becoming less autonomous in order to determine their compensation plan and access necessary 

technologies providing more autonomy in their day to day life and helping them stay home. It also has an economic aspect for the senior service providers in order to assess, test, help develop and integrate technologies, structures and measures for ‘in home’ stays, remote assistance and health. 

Léna welcomes more than 400 persons per year and evaluates, develops or integrates, on average, 20 technologies per year. In 2014, a second Léna is born in the city of Saumur with a specific aim. 

Preparing the coming back home for less autonomy patient going out of the 

local hospital. 

This new and innovative project will concern 36 patient per year as a clever transition housing incorporating the communication and information technologies. 

The patient will test, choose and learn how to use assistive technologies for his autonomy and security at home. 

Date: 06/23/2014
Author: Hajjam, Jawad
Organization: Centich (MFAM)
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