Listening to Sensory Impaired Older People

Mr. Gordon Dryden NCBI.

Presentation at the 3rd International SensAge Conference, 23 June 2014: Promoting Active Participation By Ageing People with Sensory Disabilities.

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Normally, the priorities of research, evaluations and service reviews are determined by whoever commissions them and the perceptions and interests of the subjects of these exercises are frequently ignored. Work with sensory impaired older people needs to be based on an understanding of the perceptions and aspirations of sensory impaired older people and this requires research into their needs and related services to seek their views and listen to their voices. This paper looks at one example of this approach in Ireland. 

Date: 06/23/2014
Author: Dryden, Gordon.
Organization: NCBI, Ireland
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Content type: Presentation
Tags: conferences, sensory disabilities
Categories: Skills, Communication, Medical & Functions, Eye - Vision impairment