Reinforcing the human rights of older persons in need of care and assistance to protect dignity in old age and combat elder abuse

On the occasion of the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, AGE co-organised a high-level seminar addressing the issue of older people’s human rights in the area of long-term care. The event presented two new relevant EU initiatives and discussed how to strengthen legal protection of older people in need of care and assistance and safeguard dignity in old age.

While human rights apply to everyone without age limits, the realisation of older persons’ human rights is in practice impeded by negative attitudes and discrimination towards older persons. Older persons in need of care and assistance are particularly vulnerable to human rights breaches. They are more exposed to the risk of elder abuse because of their specific situation of social isolation, health problems, frailty, or financial limitations.

Two new initiatives addressed both sides of the challenge. Firstly, the Council of Europe recommendation on the promotion of human rights of older persons CM(2014)2, which is the first European instrument dedicated to the rights of older persons. Secondly, the Social Protection Committee report ‘Adequate social protection for long-term care needs in an ageing society’ which offers an analysis of the context, the challenges and proposals for solutions to ‘close the gap’ in Europe. It is complemented by Key messages adopted by the EPSCO Council on Friday 19 June 2014.

Date: 07/11/2014
Author: Nena Georgantzi; Maude Luherne
Organization: AGE Platform Europe
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Content type: Presentation
Tags: best practices, conferences, generations, quality improvement, quality of life, senior generation, wellbeing