Towards an Age-Friendly European Union by 2020

This brochure seeks to explain what can be done to create an age-friendly EU by fostering solidarity between generations and enabling the active participation and involvement of all age groups in society while providing them with adequate support and protection.

Table of contents

  • Introduction 5
  • Forewords 3
    • What do we mean by an age-friendly European union? 7
    • What are the benefits of an age-friendly EU? 8
    • EU contribution to age-friendly environments 8
    • The need for an EU Covenant on demographic Change 12
    • Who supports the Covenant? 13
    • How can you get involved and support a GE’s campaign? 15
  • 3 Some concrete examples of Age-Friendly Environments initiatives 17

1. A positive attitude to ageing… 17
2. An inclusive labour market… 19
3. Accessible outdoor spaces, buildings and transport as well as adapted housing and physical activity facilities… 20
4. Goods and services that are adapted to the needs of all 22
5. Digital inclusion… 24
6. The possibility to have a voice… 25
7. The opportunity to actively participate in volunteering, cultural, sport and recreational activities… 26
8. Access to lifelong and intergenerational learning… 27
9. Social protection systems based on intra- and inter-generational solidarity... 29
10. Conditions and opportunities to grow and age in good mental and physical health… 30

  • Conclusion 32
  • Recommendations 33
  • Annexes 34

Date: 12/03/2012
Author: AGE Platform Europe
Organization: AGE Platform Europe
Only for Members: No
Content type: Good practises
Tags: best practices, demography, generations, quality improvement, quality of life, senior generation, social support, wellbeing