Trends in Vision and Hearing Among Older Americans

This report explores the levels of vision and hearing impairments among the elderly, the changes in those levels over the last decade, common devices and procedures used to reduce the impact of these impairments, and the potential for future reductions.

This report is one of a series undertaken by the National Center for Health Statistics, with support from the National Institute on Aging, to help meet the challenge of extending and improving life. By monitoring the health of the elderly, using information compiled from a variety of sources, we hope to help focus research on the most effective ways to use resources and craft health policy.

Date: 01/04/2000
Author: Department of Health & Human Services
Organization: IDS healthcare
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Content type: Scientific publications
Tags: eye diseases, glaucoma, disabilities, health, adults, hearing impaired, sensory disabilities, best practices, low vision, visually impaired, senior generation, demography, hearing loss