A Survey of Stakeholders Providing Housing and Services to Adults with Impaired Vision

This is the report of a survey of the views and experiences of 23 housing and social care stakeholders in London, all with a responsibility for service provision to people with a vision impairment. Stakeholders include 9 local authority social service departments, 6 local authority housing departments, 4 voluntary sector organisations, and 3 housing associations. 


Acknowledgement 2
Executive Summary 4
Introduction 16

Rationale for the stakeholder survey 16
Preparation for the survey 18
Selection of stakeholders and other methodological issues 20
Design of the Survey Instrument 22
Brief description of stakeholder types 26
Presentation and style of the report 27
Discussion 28
Q1. Actual or estimated numbers of visually impaired service users28
Q2. Methods of communicating with visually impaired service users 31
Q3. Inter-agency working 34
Q4. Examples of good practice 37
Q5. Better practice in service delivery 43
Q6. Support needs of YPVI (social services / voluntary sector only) 48
Q7. Housing needs of YPVI 53
Q8. Housing / support issues: (a) ethnicity; (b) multiple disability 59
Q9. Resource allocation 67
Q9b. Domestic features (housing departments / associations only)70
Q10. Staff training / awareness-raising initiatives 71
Q11. Future plans in regard to service development 74
Q12. Points not previously covered 77
Conclusions and Recommendations 78
Recommendations to Local Authority Housing Departments 79
Recommendations to Housing Associations 79
Recommendations to Housing Departments and Housing Associations 80
Recommendations to the Housing Corporation 81
Recommendations to Social Services Departments 82
Recommendations to Social Services Departments and Voluntary Organisations 82
Recommendations to all Stakeholders 83
References 85

Date: 11/03/2003
Author: John Percival, Julienne Hanson and Dorota Osipovic
Organization: Thomas Pocklington Trust / The Housing Corporation
Reference: http://www.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/graduate/research/space/research/ypiv/attachments/clear-stakeholders
Only for Members: No
Content type: Good practises
Tags: blindness, best practices, low vision, visually impaired