Eyes traumas

242 Eyes perforation traumas visual prognosis and surgery procedures

To find the best operating strategy regarding the choice of the type and timing of operations when treating eyes perforation traumas.

A retrospective survey was carried out on every eyes perforation traumas operations occurence we had in the last 4 years. The time frame between the trauma and the operation as well as the installation or the non installation of an ocular cerclage have been looked at, as well as the final visual results.

The vision in an eye with a perforation trauma can be lost in two ways: either via the trauma itself or via the secondary complications due to abnormal intra-ocular healing.

The objective of vitrectomy is to try to minimize as much as possible post-trauma secondary complications. The installation of cerclages as well as the moment of this installation may have an effect on the final anatomical result and on the vision of the traumatized eye.

Date: 04/01/2007
Author: G. Cherfan
Organization: Journal Français d'Ophtalmologie
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