Deafblindness in CockerelLand

The author starts by setting the scene and the historical background of his work. Jean-Serge MICHEL unveils the origin and evolution of his deafblindness, the main difficulties and specificities which he experienced as a child and as an adult, in his professionnal and social environment.

In this sincere and accurate autobiography, the author describes firstly his uphill battle which eventually led him to being eligible for a cochlear implant. Then comes the hearing rehabilitation process (rebirth), and finally a new path towards a dual cochlear implant (stereophony).
All this takes place in the context of a brutal and then progressive degradation of his already impaired visual abilities. We can thus experience with him his second uphill battle involving various visual rehabilitation processes and the progressive acceptance of his blindness (mourning process).
We also share with him his professional experiences, his difficulties and his vocationnal rehabilitation. Moreover, we are confronted together with him to the many obtuse and/or "murderous"bureaucratic obstacles.
The author also carries us through the disability network of the voluntary sector, and more specifically opens us up to deafened and hearing impaired individuals environment. The book finishes with some documented appendices, thus providing support to this true story and helping non-specialists improve their knowledge.

Date: 10/04/2012
Author: Jean-Serge MICHEL
Organization: Edition 7é
Reference: "Livre broché 544 pages ISBN : 978-2-36849-032-7",
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Content type: Good practises
Categories: Medical & Functions, Ear - Hearing imp, Eye - Vision impairment