When comes the time for visual impairment. Practical guide for adults and their relatives.

This book, "When comes the time of visual impairment", should be considered as an instrument for an exchange between the people who become blind and their relatives. It touches a number of practical issues and aims at informing and supporting. It has been jointly elaborated by Inpes and la Fondation de France and is the first practical guide to type 1 acquired visual impairmen and was awarded the Prescrire price in 2009

 Partially losing visual skills at a mature age may be a true trauma and generates a number of questions and concerns. Visual impairment (or low vision) consequences on daily life are of importance as well as the daily difficulties affected individuals have then to confront. They are sometimes underestimated: difficulties in finding objects and papers, toileting or taking pills, being afraid of going out alone…

Because of the constant ageing of the population, the World Health Organization anticipates a doubling of the number of visually impaired individuals in the coming twenty five years. In France, visual impairment is a true concern to older people : approximately six visually impaired individuals out of ten are aged 60 or more. Estimates put the number of affected individuals aged 55 or more to 658 000 people.

This guide « When comes the time for visual impairment » is intended for individuals affected by visual impairment developped at a mature age and for their relatives in order to give them practical solutions allowing them to maintain or recover their autonomy and to keep on living their daily life through shaping their environment and adapting their moves. It is all about providing information regarding vision and visual impairments while at the same time answering any question related to visual impairment: « Should I stop cooking? How can I still read? How can I help someone losing his vision?... ». Various statements enrich this guide's advices.

It has been written by professionals, volunteers and disabled people. Its graphical charter is specifically adapted : large size typefaces, full-page illustrations and colour contrasts.

Date: 06/04/2013
Author: Holzschuch C, Allaire C., bertholet L., Agius C., Méheust C. (Dir)
Organization: Centich. Coll. Varia, 2008 160 pages
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