Models of special accommodation for older people across Europe

The purpose of the Report is the provision of an Information Record of models of specialist accommodation and care for older people, and related standards, in use across the countries of the European Union, the acceding and candidate countries, and the EFTA countries: Norway, Switzerland, 

Iceland and Liechtenstein (in total 38 countries). 

This will be used by ANEC to inform future work on standardisation in relation to accommodation and care for older people. 

Contents Page 

Acknowledgements 4 

Executive Summary 5 

1. Introduction 7 

1.1 ANEC 

1.2 Aims of the study 

1.3 Scope 

1.4 Report Structure 

2. Methodology 9 

 2.1 Literature Review 

 2.2 Survey 

3. Information Record 15 

3.1 Tables 

3.2 Assessment of information 

3.3 Gaps in information 

4. Conclusion 94 

5. References and Sources 96

Date: 12/02/2013
Author: Carol Thomas
Organization: Access Design Solutions UK Ltd
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