National Association of the Ageing Generation (FEB) in Iceland

National Association of the Ageing Generation (FEB) in Iceland.

All around Iceland there are associations that provide various services for the ageing. These associations are formed and sustained by the ageing themselves. In every community, however small, the ageing enjoy their own association. Each community provides assistance to the associations e.g. manpower and housing.

This site gives information on the various associations all over Iceland.

Landssamband eldri borgara

Hér eru upplýsingar um aðildarfélög um allt land auk fjölda annarra upplýsinga. Hvert félag gefur upplýsingar í heimabyggð og mörg hafa vefsíðu, dæmi:  félag eldriborgar í Reykjavík  félag eldriborgara í Kópavogi

Date: 10/21/2013
Author: Arnadottir Gudbjorg
Organization: NIB Iceland
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