Sensory impairments: a guide for medico-social and health care institutions adjustments

This guide is specifically aimed at managers of housing projects for elderly dependents (French acronym EHPAD),medico-social and health care institutions. It gives numerous examples, thus providing advice and recommendations on the accessibility of those institutions for sensory impaired individuals.

This guide is the outcome of an evaluation work on the accessibility for sensory impaired individuals which was carried out over sixty medico-social and health care institutions. It identifies the requirements of visually and hearing impaired individuals in terms of accessibility of the facility (shared living spaces, rooms, circulation...) and of access to visual and auditory information. These recommendations, complemented by a list of Vendors references, cover the lighting system, contrasts, signposting, sound sources, equipment and technical aids ...and provide, in addition, information on the necessary support of sensory impaired individuals within those institutions.

Date: 06/04/2013
Author: Mutualité Française Anjou Mayenne - Agirc et Arrco
Organization: Mutualité Française Anjou Mayenne - Agirc et Arrco
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Tags: accessibility, auditive, déficience
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