Montéclair "Saphir" Software

A new set of innovative softwares for low vision assessment and rehabilitation designed mainly for orthoptists.
New developments :
Compatible with touchscreens
Systematic results timekeeping

New features :
• Enables simultaneous work on two screens : one full screen dedicated to the patient and another screen dedicated to the professional.
• Enables the integration of your own image databanks (fundus, optotypes...)
• Patient's file enabling the recording of the results of the exercises performed during each session.
"Optomotrical rehabilitation" module: used for rehabilitating fixation, jerks and pursuits.
• Mastering images animation : automatic or manual
• Adaptable to each low vision category
• As close to reality as possible thanks to disruptive fundus playing with brigthness and contrast parameters
"Memo" module: Memory and eye/hand coordination rehabilitation
• Same images databanks than before (animals, daily life, pictograms, letters)
• Accurate discrimination capacities
• Memorisation
• Eye/Hand coordination

Date: 06/04/2013
Author: Sylvie ERVE
Organization: centich
Only for Members: No
Content type: Tools
Categories: Skills, Sensory, Communication, Medical & Functions, Eye - Vision impairment