Using technology to promote active participation by older people

Keynote speaker: Prof. Helen Petrie, Professor of Human Computer Interaction, University of York.

Presentation at the 3rd International SensAge Conference, 23 June 2014: Promoting Active Participation By Ageing People with Sensory Disabilities.

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We are living through a period of enormous developments in computer-based technologies. 40 years ago, computers were at least as large as a small wardrobe and were only operated by specialists. Now the processing power in the average smartphone is greater than that in the computer that sent the first humans to the moon.

There are two challenges of technology to support older people. Firstly, new technologies should be accessible and acceptable to older people, should they decide to use them. Such technologies include hardware ranging from automatic banking machines to smartphones, and software ranging from spreadsheet applications to social media applications. Secondly, new technologies can be deployed to specifically help older people with difficulties they face in everyday life. Such technologies range from fall detectors to memory aids. 

This paper will consider some of the recent successes in the use of technology to promote active participate in society by older people and some of the challenges facing developers of such technologies. These include how to involve older people in the development of technologies, how to create interfaces to technologies that are understandable to older people and easy for them to use, and how to create technologies that are acceptable to older people. 

Date: 06/23/2014
Author: Petrie, Helen
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