Listen to the stories of people living with visual impairment at Inclusive Stories


Have you ever thought about what inspired you to take the most difficult decision in your life?

Think about it and you will realize that it’s the stories of people that you have met or heard of that serve as the strongest source of inspiration! Stories of our parents, role models, and people that we admire!

Inclusive Planet is a social web for the visually impaired. It occurred to them – why not use Inclusive Planet to bring together stories told by visually impaired people? There are so many strong and amazing visually challenged people who have achieved so much in their lives! Why not encourage them to share their stories with the world? They decided to ask their members to talk about the challenges that they have faced in life, education, or while looking for employment, about their aspirations and advice they can give to others.

They started creating short videos of people telling their stories and now have some amazing stories to share with you! You can listen to the first 9 stories on the Inclusive Stories page.