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About us:

AbilNova is the hub for sensory disabilities in the Province of Trento.

It aims to promote school, work, and social inclusion for people with sensory disabilities with a view to holistic care, according to the ICF model of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The services offered to the population concern different areas: School, Health,
Transportation and Projects and Communication.

  • School Services: The Cooperative’s school service is supplied through agreements with individual schools and the province. It provides educators with expertise in disabilities to flank blind, visually impaired, deaf and hearing-impaired students, going from the age of early childhood to children and teenagers. This aiming to encourage the activation and implementation of the Life Project of students withdisabilities in their various life contexts (school, family and community), according to the indications that emerged in the previous educational project customized by the student9s support network.
  • Health Services: diagnosis and visual and autonomy rehabilitation for people with visual impairment, search for appropriate aids to maintain or increase personal autonomy. The team consists of ophthalmologists, orthoptists, psychologists, OMAP rehabilitators.
  • Transportation Services: Since 2013, the Cooperative has offered both the MuoverSi service, promoted in collaboration with the Autonomous Province of Trento, for transportation of the disabled (with vehicles also used for transporting wheelchairs), and private transportation for a fee in the provincial, national, and international territory. The goal is to ensure independent mobility for the blind and visually impaired to contribute to increase opportunities for socialization and personal autonomy.
  • Projects and Communication Services: the cooperative promotes sensory disability awareness projects for the community and prevention projects with respect to visual impairment for the public; promotes training on sensory disability for teachers and other labor categories; LIS (Italian Sign Language) interpreting projects for deaf users.

AbilNova are working 170 employees, are followed 141 learners and there is 1 SCV (civil service) volunteer. Services are coordinated through the work of the multidisciplinary team, so resources, skills and knowledge are brought to bear to provide sensory disabilities with the most effective tools to achieve the highest level of autonomy. The cooperative is committed to tailor the responses to the user and the family in the
best way possible. AII of this to contribute building a truly inclusive society in Trentino and beyond.


Contact Persons:
Valentina Visioli (Director)

E-mail: valentina.visioli@abilnova.it


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Via Guardini, 75

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