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About us:

The Berufsförderungswerk Düren (abbreviation:BFW Düren) was founded in 1975. Düren is located approx. 35 km south-west to the city of Cologne.
The main task of the BFW Düren is the vocational training of adults who are not longer able to continue in their profession because of their visual impairment. It offers vocational training for commercial, administrative and industrial professions, i.e.: office communication clerk, call agent telephone-marketing, typist, telephone operator. Another main task of this organisation is the integration of students into the labour market. Other services include general and individual counselling on vocational rehabilitation, counselling on assistive devices and assessment.

The Berufsförderungswerk Düren sees a further task in the job-mediation after the vocational training. The Berufsförderungswerk Düren offers training for approx. 150 blind and visually impaired people and has an administrative and training staff with about 104 employees.

The BFW has two branches. One is located in the city of Hamburg, another is located in the city of Dortmund.


Contact Person:
Dr. Inge Jansen

Public contacts:
+49 2421 598 100



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BFW Düren
Karl-Arnold-Straße 132 – 134

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