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More than a hundred years ago, in 1898 the “Provincial Home for the Blind in the province Saxony” was established in the city of Halle. Since then the area has been used for taking care of blind people. In 1991 we got the status of a Berufsförderungswerk, one of 4 special institutes in Germany for retraining blind and visually impaired adults, being the only one in East Germany.

Some people say that we are the smallest but the most beautiful Berufsförderungswerk, one of 28 other German established institutions. Today the BFW Halle (link is external) is a modern, national working social service company, which offers a variety of vocational rehabilitation and accompanying services for visually impaired and blind people. Our aim is the reintegration of our rehabilitants into the job market after the education or training is successfully completed. To us the social and cultural surroundings are very important for a successful achievement of set goals. Well trained staff, in unity 75 employees, among them educational instructors, rehabilitation-advisors, psychologists and social workers, are taking care of any issue regarding the individual needs of our 130 rehabilitants.


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Kerstin Kölzner

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+49 345 1334-0



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BFW Halle
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