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About us:

Since 1966, blind and visually impaired people, are cooperatively trained with non-handicapped students in various Physical Therapy professions at the Berufsförderungswerk Mainz, which was founded in 1965 as “Elisabeth-Dicke-Schule”.

Nowadays, we offer blind and visually impaired people a variety of vocational training and further training in the future market of healthcare.

How do we distinguish ourselves from other institutions?

The key lies in our special way of integrated training of blind and visually impaired together with non-handicapped people and placing great importance in enhancing the soft skills of our students.
“Someone who isn’t separated doesn’t have to be integrated afterwards.” These words of a former student council representative are getting to the heart of the matter.
Our concept is supposed to promote self-sufficiency and independence combined with respect, tolerance and human dignity in preparation for lasting employment.

We are fair and reliable partners of the funding agencies and are closely cooperating with potential employers and social institutions.
We are a member of the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Berufsförderungswerke” (the working group of the vocational promoting centers in Germany), regarding this, we are involved in the further development of vocational rehabilitation and are scientifically accompanied by the University of Hamburg.


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