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About us:

The CRDV is managed by the association Itinova, based around Lyon. This association manages medico-social, social institutions and services in the field of disability and child care, continued care and rehabilitation institutions and services in the field of ageing. In all, Itinova consists of 73 institutions and services, with 2700 employees, spread over 40 sites in 6 different regions of France. The CRDV is the oldest (1872) and one of the largest institutions : 90 full-time equivalents or about 100 employees, where 30 different professions are represented. Every year, 450 people from birth to old age are accompanied, up to 150 km around Clermont-Ferrand.

The CRDV is authorized to receive 174 people:

  • 41 beds for visually impaired (VI) children and teenagers in support services. More and more children sent to us have associated disabilities or have failed in their school career, a teaching team is dedicated to them.
  • 100 places in day services (VI or autism spectrum disorders) : we work in schools, homes and in the CRDV, bringing children together in joint activities
  • 18 adults for workstation assessment and training
  • 8 children and adults in ASD in a day service
  • 7 children and adults in rare disabilities

All our services are under state supervision and funded by health insurance.

One of our strengths is based on the education of early childhood for babies under 3 months whom we can be entrusted to advise and monitor for the long term. The service is called SAFEP. A full staff of 15 professionals is specially dedicated to them : their job is to maximize their visual skills, to live with a multisensory approach, to advise and support parents and ensure the link between them.

In a service called the Social and Vocational Rehabilitation Service (VRS, “ESRP” in french), we offer training cycles including 1 preparatory section, degree courses in the business tertiary sector and spas. As all VRS, we offer psychological counselling, assistance by social workers and rehabilitation to adapt to their new environment.

The CRDV can also provide services to companies and administrations facing with VI employees or VI applicants : workstation ergonomics, lighting assessement, software training…

The CRDV manages a low vision center, Auvergne Basse Vision : a rehabilitation and continued care service especially for AMD (age-related macular degeneration) patients, but also glaucoma, retinopathy, etc… for elderly people. The goal is to help patients to maintain their autonomy, their independence, their daily activities by rehabilitation and to slow the onset of signs of dependence. This rehabilitation is executed by various professionals (O&M, low vision rehabilitors, psychologist, etc…), as for children’s services. About 200 people use this service every year. At last, several Auvergne Basse Vision employees developed a new service for disabled parents, VI, or deaf, or motor impaired. Called “Le Lien” (the link in english), they provide psychological sustain, help parents to communicate with the baby, transfer childcare skills and get tested specific childcare shipments.


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Arnaud Grégoire


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CRDV – Centre de Rééducation pour Déficients Visuels
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