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About us:

The Institute is a resource Centre for sensorial impaired people, both deaf and blind and partially sighted, located in the Metropolital City of Torino, north west of Italy.

Our organization helps and supports visually impaired people to promote their autonomy and their inclusion in the society with services for children and adults. We also promote independent life skills in visually impaired people with additional disabilities.

Therefore, we offer different services to help the visually impaired people:

  • Educational services and support teaching in mainstream schools, in inclusive settings;
  • Specialized counselling in mobility, everyday activities, vocational guidance and training;
  • Daily care center for visually impaired people with additional disabilities;
  • Trainings for teachers, educators and social workers about the education of the blind and partially sighted people and about Braille and assistive technologies.


Contact Persons:
Enrico Dolza, Barbara Deusebio, Cristina Gallino


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Istituto dei Sordi di Torino
Via San Pancrazio, 65
10044 Pianezza

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