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About us:

The Robert Hollman Foundation, established in Italy in the 1970s by the will of the Dutch entrepreneur whose name it bears, offers consultancy and support for the development of visually impaired children and their families.

The Foundation is a Dutch private entity and provides all services free of charge.

The activities are carried out in the two specialized centers of Padua and Cannero Riviera (Verbania).

With our multidisciplinary teams we offer diagnostic-functional insights, specific and in full respect of each child, to create personalized courses.

We also collaborate with local professionals to share our respective points of view, with the aim of promoting a higher quality of life for each child.

Finally, we dialogue and relate with the medical, scientific and social communities to deepen and together improve clinical and research practice, training and cultural promotion.


Contact Persons:
Maria Eleonora Reffo, Managing Director

Public contacts:
+39 049 680629



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