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About us:

Since May the 1st of this year, l’Institut les Hauts Thébaudières (IHT) in Vertou and l’Institut Public de la Persagotière (IPP) in Nantes operate by a joined direction. This new form of organisation is a first step towards the merging of the two structures planned for January 2020.

The organisation is set upped as follows:

  • 1 joint management for 2 institutes
  • 10 services on 6 sites
  • 370 professionals for a total of 291 full-time equivalents: 204 for l’IHT and 87 for l’IPP
  • more than 60 trades

L’Institut “La Persagotière” supports young people and adults with a hearing impairment, as well as young people with speech and learning disabilities.

L’Institut les Hauts Thébaudières provides an assessment and support to:

  •  414 people from birth to advanced age:
    • Service users visually impaired, with or without other special needs between birth and advanced age
    • Children with autistic spectrum disorders, with or without a visual impairment
    • Young children with developmental delay : motor, mental or sensory
  • in school in mainstream, in the institute, and any places that needs adaptations
  • in daily life, by mobility and daily living skills, technical aids and adapted documentation, low vision support and psychological support and training.


Contact Persons:
Emilie GADEBOIS and Carole Perrouault

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