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About us:

Monteclair is a resource Centre for visually impaired people located in Angers, managed by VYV3 Pays de la Loire.

VYV3 Pays de la Loire is a mutualist organisation managing 3 different units :

  • Medical goods (Opticians, audioprothesists, dental care, etc.),
  • Ageing people (nursing homes and services for ageing people)
  • Support and care comprising organisations and services in childhood and handicap – VYV3 Pays de la Loire is integrated in the strategy and policy of Group VYV at national level

Historically, Monteclair is a specialized organization to support children between 0 and 20 with vision impairment in school in mainstream, in daily life, by mobility and daily living skills, technical aids and adapted documentation, low vision support and psychological support.

VYV3 Pays de la Loire has since developed many services with the competencies of professionals for children, to respond to the needs of all people with vision impairment, in daily life, in vocational and professional activities, but also as regards the increasing number of ageing people, and more generally in the field of rehabilitation. Whatever the age, VYV3 Pays de la Loire services in vision impairment aim to ensure the autonomy and the quality of life of people with vision impairment.

Monteclair support about 100 children each year, services for adults support more than 400 people. Beyond the setting up of services for adults, VYV3 Pays de la Loire has developed other services like a centre of information on technical aids (CICAT), as a showroom for testing technical aids. It has also set up CENTICH, national Centre of expertise on new technologies for handicaped people and ageing people, which makes VYV3 Pays de la Loire the Centre of expertise concerning new technologies for handicaped people in France.

VYV3 Pays de la Loire has developed Research and Development, especially with Universities for creating new trainings for professionals working in our sector. Its commitment in international activities allows the development of curriculum, professional exchanges, users exchanges, to contribute to more autonomy and quality of life for people living with vision impairment.


Contact Person:
Philippe Belseur
Coordinator of European projects


Public contacts:
+33 2 41 73 38 18


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Institut Montéclair
51 Rue du Vallon,
49000 Angers

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