Liceul Special pentru Deficienti de Vedere (LSDV)


Liceul Pentru Deficienti de Vedere

About us:

The first school for the blind in Romania was founded in 1900. Since 1992 the school was entitled Liceul pentru Deficienti de Vedere and it provides services for both, blind and partially sighted children entitled.

Liceul pentru Deficienţi de Vedere provides educational services for visually impaired children and children with associated disabilities or multiple sensorial deficiencies. Children are age 3 and 20 years old and come in our institution from over then twenty Romanian districts.

Being situated in the important university center, Liceul pentru Deficienţi de Vedere, was built in the center of the city of Cluj-Napoca. The institution provides specialized and quality services according with national curriculum, early intervention programme for visually impaired and multiple disabled aged 0-8 years old and their parents, preschool services for children age 3-9 years old, personalized services for multiples sensorial deficiencies children, rehabilitation and compensatory activities and complex and integrated educational therapies.
Now days, Liceul pentru Deficienţi de Vedere is an pre-university institution being under the coordination of Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, the District Inspectorate of Cluj and the District Council of Cluj.

The target group

  • Blind and partially sighted children;
  • Children with visually impaired multiple disabilities;
  • Parents / tutors of disabled children;

Specific programs / Activities

  • Early intervention;
  • Multiple sensorial deficiencies;
  • Specific and compensation therapies;


Public contacts:
+40 264 431346



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Liceul Special pentru Deficienti de Vedere
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