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About us:

The National Rehabilitation Center for the Blind /NRCB/ was founded on 17 October, 1966.

The NRCB is an institution for the resocialization of visually impaired people, licensed by the Ministry of labor and social policy and the National agency of vocational education and training in Bulgaria. The NRCB is national represented institution.

The institution provides basic rehabilitation and vocational training of visually impaired people from the whole country. The team of NRCB consists of highly qualified trainers, specialist teachers and psychologists. All teachers have passed different stages of special training in Bulgaria, England, the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia and the USA. The team permanently adds to its experience by means of personnel exchange with related organizations from Germany, Italy, Finland, France, Poland and other EU countries.

The activities on the basic rehabilitation are directed at rehabilitating the person’s social functions with the purpose of optimum accomplishing a self-dependent life.

In 2006 the NRCB got a license for providing vocational training of visually impaired people in 10 professions – text processing, office secretary, programming, social activities, hand-made knitting, cosmetics, upholstery, floriculture, planting, tuning. NRCB has got also a license for an ECDL training and test center.

The institution works actively with parents and relatives of visually impaired people; it is a base for holding current practice and pregraduating practice of the students from the “Social pedagogic” and “Special pedagogic” specialties of the Plovdiv and Sofia universities. Instructors in basic rehabilitation are prepared at the NRCB for the needs of the Municipalities of Bulgaria, the UBB and non- governmental organizations from the country. The NRCB is a consultant of the local authorities when opening day-time rehabilitation centers for visually impaired people.

The two main aims of NRCB:

To maintain our position as the leading BG special institution and a center of excellence for people who are blind or partially sighted. To be a national resource center promoting a range of services to people who are blind or partially sighted and their associated providers.


Contact Person:
Ms Alexandrina Kostova,
Program manager

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