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About us:

With some 150 employees the Robert Coppes Stichting (RCS) is a foundation that supports about 250 persons with a visual impairment and multiple additional disabilities (mainly psychiatric impairments and brain injury, hearing impairment, autism, addiction etc.), age group 17+, including elderly. The RCS is one of the three service providers for visually impaired people in the Netherlands (the other two are Royal Dutch Visio and Bartiméus) and is mainly active in the South of the country. The main office is situated in Vught. In that city RCS has 7 residential facilities and 3 day care facilities. In addition there are 4 offices for outpatient counselling in Sittard, Nijmegen, Breda and Vught.

Freedom through connectedness’ is our core vision. This vision is supported by six core values that apply to everything we do:

  • Customised care;
  • Autonomy and self-determination of the client;
  • Integrity;
  • Equality;
  • Sustainable care through different life stages;
  • Coherence in care and a strong social network.

RCS believes in the power of good cooperation with all those who are also committed to our clients. We work as a network organisation. RCS wants to share its specialised expertise in supporting people with a visual impairment and multiple additional disabilities. We offer specialised support and counselling at home, assisted living, day care activities and a Rehabilitative Care Programme, that consists of counselling and therapy together.


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Peter Verstraten


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+3173 657 91 57



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