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About us:

Royal Dutch Visio is the centre of expertise for blind and partially sighted people of all ages, including those with additional disabilities. Visio enables visually impaired people to live, learn and work independently and provides its expertise in this area. It also offers living and day care facilities for her clients if needed.

Our range of expertise consists of:
early intervention, low vision, itinerant teaching, computer skills training, employment, social skills, orientation and mobility, psychosocial support, special education, leisure training, daily living skills, day care and accessibility.

Visio has a countrywide coverage with more than 40 locations in The Netherlands and employs more than 3000 people. Visio manages her knowledge and expertise in a unique way. The constant innovation, research & development, sharing knowledge, transferring and applying knowledge are the core of the organization.

International expertise

As a centre of expertise for visually impaired people Royal Dutch Visio is also internationally active.

International projects

Visio International makes use of the knowledge available at Visio to continually improve the care and education of blind and partially sighted people in countries that are short of funding. Visio International cooperates with organizations in foreign countries by carrying out projects.

International networks

To exchange knowledge Visio participates in several European and international networks concerning visual impairment, i.e. ENVITER, ICEVI, EBU, WBU, MDVI Euronet, DbI / ADBN, SensAge, ISLRR, ESLRR, LEVRETA, CVRS and IASSID.

Other international activities

Professionals from Visio take part in conferences, publications, science projects and the development of products all over the world. Examples of scientific projects are for example biotic driving, shared spaces, cerebral visual impairment (cvi) and tactual functioning in children. Some examples of products we developed internationally are the Arithmetic Box, Tactual Profile and Insight.

Rehabilitation & Advice

Having a visual disability does not necessarily mean being dependent. A lot can still be achieved by acquiring skills and using other senses. Visio supports and counsels partially sighted and blind people in this sometimes difficult process. The basic approach is to live as independently as possible. Professional advice about disability assistance products and practical training is part of rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can take place at home or in a Visio rehabilitation centre. For intensive rehabilitation in an internal ward, you can stay at Visio Het Loo Erf in Apeldoorn.


Visio Zicht op Werk is a service specifically focused on everything related to work and visual disability. Visio informs, guides and advices employees and employers as well as insurance or re-integration agencies and other intermediaries about possibilities, courses, rehabilitation, (re)integration, assessments, counselling and training. The aim is to help and keep as many visually impaired people as possible working in a lasting and suitable job.


Visio provides education for children who are partially sighted or blind. This takes place in Visio schools and by guiding pupils with visual disabilities in the regular education system.

The basic precepts of Visio Education:
Nurturing socio-emotional development, increasing the children’s independence, teaching children to take their own responsibilities, participation in society and an individual approach tailored to each pupil.

Visio opts for a contemporary education with a great deal of input from and engagement by the pupils. The educational concept adopted for this approach is called Learning to Learn.

Residential & Day Care

A visual disability can have far-reaching consequences. Often it entails adaptations at home and in the direct living environment. Sometimes it is better to move temporarily or permanently to an assisted living environment. Visio offers persons with visual and perhaps other related disabilities various accommodations for living, boarding and working. There are various types of sensible day care activities, naturally adapted to the individual wishes and possibilities of the client.


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Aukje Snijders


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