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IBOS have 150 years of experience in Denmark working with people with visual impairment.

The Danish Institute for Visual Impairment – IBOS (Danish abbr.) is a national public competence and rehabilitation center for young and adult persons with visual impairment, their relatives, and the professionals, who assists them. Our staff is dedicated to contributing to a world with equal access to community, education, jobs, and a good life

The Institute is situated in Hellerup north of Copenhagen. We are national in scope, but administratively belonging to the Copenhagen Municipality Social Services Department. IBOS also partly operate as a national VISO-KaS supplier of specialized knowledge about visual impairment. This State contract gives us the possibility to offer free assessments, advice, and short courses. It also encourages us to develop and disseminate new knowledge and participate in national and international networks.

IBOS has a multi-disciplinary sight specialized staff of appr. 130 that offers counselling, assessment, courses, tactile materials, rehabilitation, daily activities plus permanent and temporary supported living quarters. IBOS also offers specialized education for young persons with MDVI and in cooperation with South Danish University College five sight specialized Pedagogic Diploma Modules for professionals.

In Denmark, the persons municipality must pay for longer rehabilitation efforts, so we co-operate with and advice the persons local municipality staff, educational counsellors, employer, hospital, eye clinic, etc. In some cases, support and assistance is offered locally by our staff.


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Dorthe Marie Degn

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