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The The Danish Institute for Visual Impairment is a nationwide institute for young people and adults with visual disabilities. The declared objective is helping young people and adults with a visual disability function to the best of their abilities in a seeing world. We do this through counselling, teaching and education.

As a nationwide institute we always co-operate with the individual´s local authority. In some cases support and assistance is offered locally by Institute staff. In other cases it is necessary to offer the visually impaired shorter or longer periods of living at the Institute itself.

The Institute is situated in Hellerup north of Copenhagen, but it is open to anyone in need of support and assistance in the whole country.

The Institute offers consultancy and supplementary training to professionals working with visual impairment. We also offer tailor-made courses.

Professionalism at a very high level, continous in-service training and focus on special methods of teaching the blind characterize the Institute.

200 members of staff, divided into 30 groups of professionals are employded to carry out and develop Institute activities. The daily activities are organised across professional groupings.

The Danish Institute for Visual Impairment belongs under The Social Services department in Copenhagen.

Departments of the Institute

Advice and counselling

The department of Advice and Counselling offers specialised advice for people with visual impairment – congenital or acquired. Specialised counselling is primarily offered young and adults in a work situation, in connection with qualification, education and work-matters. Referral may come from the visually impaired him/herself, family, ophthalmologist, hospital, local services for the visually impaired, or social services, and local authorities. Advice is given partly locally to the person involved, and partly at the institute, as it is often based on assessments which take place here. The department works in close co-operation with ophthalmologists at the National Eye-clinic. Their assessments form an important base for the further adaptation of visual aids which often is a part of our advice.

The department produces special editions of educational material on DAISY, audiotape, braille and other formats for blind and partially sighted. The department offers counseling on further education, both to the student and to the university.

Education of instructors (Mobility and ADL officer)

Up to 1998 the Danish Education of Instructors trained O&M instructors and ADL instructors in a combined programme of 8 months. Due to change in working conditions for the candidates the demand for a broader training rose. The course was prolonged to 10 months (an academic year), adding – among other elements – a considerable amount of training in Low Vision.

Emergency Service

Advice is offered to hospitals throughout the country when a person experiences acute, serious loss of sight. This includes support of the individual and family, in co-operation with the hospital and the local social services.

Museum of the History of the Blind

The museum has in the region of 4.500 exhibits and houses one of Europe’s most complete collection of its type. The museum gives the visitor an impression of the lives and living conditions of the visually impaired people though the past 200 years.

Products sales division

Residential department

The residential department is located at the first floor in a wing of the institute. The rooms consists of a little entrance/hall with a wash-basin and a wardrobe. The room itself is 12 m2. Toilet and bath is shared with the room neighbouring room.

Short Courses

The Institute conducts several short courses, please contact for further information.

Vision Center, General

The department works with and for people who needs to learn new skills, following an acquired visual impairment. Through teaching and counselling, the newly blind learns the skills they need to lead an independent life, and they restore a positive self image and efficacy which they may have lost. Psychological counselling (individual and groups) is offered as part of the course. Through communication with people in similar situations, the visually impaired is encouraged and supported in coping with life in a seeing society. To support the whole family, family day-courses are offered.

All courses and teaching is planned individually. It is aimed at adult visually impaired people who want to take a good, critical and constructive look at their personal, educational, and professional situation. The course provides an opportunity for assessment and innovative thinking of possibilities in the areas of work- qualification- and personal situations.

Vision Center, Special

The department is aimed at reducing the consequences of a visual impairment, facilitating and strengthening the development of the individual, and assess future potentials and possibilities. The teaching takes place at the department, as well as at the Vision Center, General.

Vocational training & Business School

IBS-Business provides vocational education and specific courses in an environment that is oriented towards business and development and which has direct contact with the business world. IBS-Business work with a solution focused approach.


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