Woman wearing VR Virtual Reality Headset with Interface

First Conference “Virtual- and Augmented Reality for Visually Impaired People”

Held on July 14th 2022, the "Virtual- and Augmented Reality for Visually Impaired People" Online Conference was the first of three public events to share experiences about Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) products, researches…
pictures of sensemath app

SenseMath – Making Sense of Math

Math is one is the most challenging subject for many students. Graphical information and the level of abstraction in mathematics makes it inaccessible and specially difficult to comprehend for blind students. However mathematics is therefore…
Trieste Gate

ENVITER Blue Sky Meeting 2022 – Trieste

This year, Trieste (Italy) will by the city to host ENVITER’s annual Blue Sky Meeting (BSM). On September 20th and 21th, our member will meet at The Regional Institute Rittmeyer for the Blind to brainstorm about ideas for project proposals…
Picture of the 1st VR4VIP conference showing text with the dateAdobe Stock Licebsed by BFW Düren

Virtual Reality for Visually Impaired People – Online Conference and Webinar

Six ENVITER partners cooperate in the ERASMUS+  project "Virtual Reality For Visually Impaired People" (VR4VIP). The aim of this project is to evaluate products, research results and experiences of  VR in the education of visually impaired…
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2022 Training Event – Coming Soon…

This year, the theme is 3D and the dates are October 24 to 27 (including travel). The 3D printing technology is regularly covered in the media. The possible applications of this technology seem limitless and are increasingly finding their…
Group photo in GM Angers, 2022

2022 General Meeting – Angers, France

We had a wonderful meeting! After 2,5 years and the serious pandemic times, we had our first General Meeting in person in Angers on 12 to 14 April. From 14 different European countries,  17 member organisations could attend the meeting with…
Happy Birthday, ENVITER!!


We are very proud to announce that we will - finally! – celebrate ENVITER’s 20th Anniversary, next week, during our annual General Meeting, held from April 12th to 14th in Angers, France. ENVITER was established in 2001, so 2021 was…
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ENVITER 2022 Conference – Announcement and Call for Papers

Pleased to announce our 2022 annual Conference, hosted by vyv3 in Angers, France, on Wednesday 13th April 2022. The purpose of our Annual Conference is to create an opportunity for professionals to share their theoretical and practical…
Visio CVI instrument logo

CVI in the Picture – Webinar

Increasing the quality of care, and the quality of life for people with Cortical Visual Impairement (CVI) is something professionals worldwide endeavour. This webinar, presented by Femke van der Veer, from Visio (the Netherlands) on June…
Example of shoes with the device

Obstacle Detection With Smart Shoes – Webinar

On the 29th of April 2021, Markus Raffer, founder and CEO of Tec-Innovation, with the cooperation of Klaus Höckner from the our member Hilfsgemeinschaft, Austria, presented to our members the InnoMake, a warning system built into shoes,…
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Echolocation – Webinar

On March 23rd 2021 we had the pleasure to have Juan Ruiz, presenting a webinar about echolocation for our members. Juan Ruiz is a Perceptual Navigation Instructor and Flash Sonar Coach. Himself also a user, he teaches his students how to…
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2021 General Meeting – Online

This year, on March 16th, our General Meeting was again done online. Focusing on the usual subjects like the financial report of our Association and runing projects, we also had the announcement of our next board election, to be elected…