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Together with the director of Positive Eye, Gwyn McCormack, a UK company that specialises in training professionals working with children with VI, our Icelandic member (the Icelandic National Institute for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Deafblind) is hosting, on October 27-28th 2023, the first Positive Looking Conf-Shop (combination of a conference and workshop).

The Positive Looking Visual Skills Programme is widely used across the UK, the USA and other countries, including Iceland. This event brings together professionals who are successfully using the programme or are interested in using it, to promote and include the development of visual skills across the curriculum with children and young people with VI / CVI / complex learning needs.

The purpose of the Conf-Shop is to share best practice, ideas and approaches linked to the delivery of the Positive Looking programme.

To participate in this event and learn more about how Positive Looking is working so successfully to make a difference to children and young people with VI, visit this link: