3D printing for visually impaired (3D4VIP)

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Start and end date: 01/09/2021 to 01/08/2023
Funding frame: ERASMUS+KA201
Duration: 18 months
Project coordinator: Visio
Link to the platform and project information: tactiles.eu

Tactiles.eu is a platform that resulted from the Erasmus+ project 3D4VIP. It has been designed to serve as a database for 3D models for the education of MDVI and VI students. The platform also offers guidelines, instructions and recommendations about creating 3D educational materials this target group. In the future the platform can be used to upload also other types of tactile education materials. Synergies with other initiatives focused on VI tactile materials will be sought.

3D4VIP is a project that considers the emergence of different 3D printing technologies and focuses on bringing the 3D printing closer to the VI students and educators, stimulating them to use 3D models for new teaching practices in a range of different subjects. As 3D Printers are becoming more affordable and accessible to educators it is important to educate both students and teachers about the educational potential of 3D models as well as to support them in the production process of 3D models. Hence 3D4VIP has three main objectives:

  1. Realisation of a 3D model database. After the evaluation of current existing databases the 3D4VIP team has developed a universal, intuitive tool and online database, which can be used by teachers and experts. In the database users can find models and information concerning 3D printing for VI education. The 3D models included in the database are complementary to STEM courses, computational thinking and are in line with the current and new curricula of all partners involved in the project, so all materials can be used immediately in the classroom.
  2. Develop Guidelines. The aim of the guidelines which are to be found on this platform is to guide users in the process of producing 3D models, by providing advice regarding materials, recommendations and instructions on using 3d printers, and didactical consideration that need to be taken into account when creating 3D models for VI students.
  3. Raise awareness. 3D4VIP focuses on raising awareness about the educational potential and benefit of using 3D models among educators and experts. We will develop information videos for schools to use 3D printing. Experts can use the database to find each other and consult the guidelines. Teachers will be informed on how to easily produce tangible materials to be used in class.

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