Borders of Tangible

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Start and end date: November 2021 to November 2024
Funding Frame:
Erasmus+ programme
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Project aim

The project main goals are: 

  • to raise the competencies of professionals who teach blind and partially sighted student;
  • raise the competencies of professionals who adapt tactile didactic material for the blind, addresses the needs of all participating partners.

With this project, we want to establish an international network of professionals who adapt materials for the blind and partially sighted, in order to acquire new skills in adapting tactile didactic materials and use their in-depth knowledge in creating a freely accessible collection.

Acquaintance of teachers who teach the blind and partially sighted with the collection and Instructions for the use of these materials will enable the raising of teachers’ competencies and the rationalization of their preparation and implementation of the learning process.

Project partners

Project Coordinator:

Center IRIS – Center za izobrazevanje, rehabilitacijo, inkluzijo in svetovanje za slepe in slabovidne – Slovenia

Other partners: