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Start and end date: 01/03/2005 to 31/08/2006
Funding frame: EC: E-Learning Programme
Duration: 18 months
Project coordinator: BFW Düren

Aims of the project

Although e-Learning obviously offers various advantages for the education of visually impaired persons, the accessibillity of the various required systems is a problem.

The objectives of this project are focused to the improvement of accessibility for blind and visually handicapped persons to e-learning courses and e-learning environments and the evaluation of existing e-Learning products for the target group.

This will be carried out by:

  • Creating a standardized rating catalogue to evaluate and self-evaluate e-learning products concerning accessibility for visually impaired persons in four languages (Danish, Dutch, French, German)
  • Creating a guideline for developers of computer based training software (CBT) and e-learning environment to provide adequate accessibility for the target group, in the above mentioned languages
    Create a sample e-learning environment (learn-management system, video-conference system and CBT/e-learning content)
  • Create an open consortium for “e-learn accessibility” with as much key actors in this field and representative organisations of the main target group as possible. This will include the invention of an “e-learn accessibility label” which will be allowed to display on methodologically appropriate and accessible e-learning products (similar to WAI and W3C label)
  • The target group
  • Employment services
  • Service providers for e-learning courses and e-learning environments
  • Developers of CBT and e-learning environments
  • Training centres
  • Teachers for visually impaired persons
  • Three Workshops to coordinate the project work
  • Developing a multi-media CD-ROM with all project results in the above mentioned languages.

Besides the ECSerProViP partners, two external education centres are involved as partners in this project:

Berufsförderungsinstitut Steiermark, Austria
ARLA Institute, Finland

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