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Funding frame: EU Funding Programme: Erasmus+ KA201
Project coordinator: Nask Poland

Aims of the project

The purpose of the project is to design an innovative multi-tool and an ICT platform called EuroMath to support teachers and students with visual impairments in mathematics education. EuroMath is an educational platform consisting of:

  • EuroMath portal, from which you can download the EuroMath applications, manuals, Quick Start Guides and mathematical resources from repository;
  • Repository of open, free, mathematical educational materials for download, also waiting for your materials to be published;
  • EuroMath web application, free, for math teachers and for sighted, blind and visually impaired students, to create accessible math content and solve tasks and quizes, to explore accessible math graphics, to publish and download math content from / to the repository;
  • Windows EuroMath QUBARITHMS application for blind and with low vision students to learn arithmetic calculations by writing (below the line);
  • Windows EuroMath CALCULATOR application for blind students.

The EuroMath app and math educational resources in the repository are intended for math teachers and students. A math teacher using the EuroMath application can prepare worksheets, exercises, tests and other mathematical materials in one version for both sighted and blind and visually impaired students. Materials can be printed in black and white and Braille (British UEB and Polish BNM notations), and graphics on swelling paper. Both the applications and the math resources created by the teacher are accessible for blind and visually impaired students. Students with visual disability can alone, without help or with a little help from a teacher, create and explore formulas, geometric figures, function graphs, as well as create, read and print in Braille.

The channel of the EuroMath platform is already available videos explaining the operation of the EuroMath application to teachers. They are grouped on the list EuroMath: Instructional video for math teachers (English version). They concern, among others how to start working with the EuroMath application, what are its functions, how formula editors and graphics editor work, and how a visually impaired or blind student can learn mathematical content on their own.

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